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Pia has been cooking her whole life, learning her skills from her mother and aunts using traditional techniques, preparing dishes from scratch with market-fresh ingredients.  As a native of Thailand's North Eastern Isaan region, she not only cooks classical Thai cuisine, but also the rustic and herby dishes characteristic of her home town, unlike anything you will see in mainstream Thai restaurants. Isaan cuisine is more plant-based, incorporating a wide variety of wild herbs, and unlike classical Thai food from the Central regions. It does not use coconut milk, and has few fried dishes. We think it is the healthiest variety of Thai food.

While Pia's passion is to bring the authentic flavors of Thailand to her guests, she is also an avid creator, and enjoys adding a modern twist to traditional recipes. Pia is particularly proud of her vegan adaptations of traditional Thai flavors. If you are planning an event and would like a customized menu, or you would like to see some more adventurous Isaan regional dishes on the menu, we would love to hear from you!

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